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Employability Skill Training Institute (ESTI) is an initiative of CAP Foundation. ESTI deals with e-skilling. The purpose of ESTI is to impart specific professional skills through the electronic medium for the purpose of establishing employability.

ESTI offers up-to-date content. The content development and improvement is an ongoing process. At present content is available in English in the area of Automobile, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail. Additionally, the digital version of Life Skills is also available on ESTI. For more information on the courses please refer to the course section.

Students registered with ESTI can become the member of CAP Community Portal. As a member of CAP Community Portal you may ask questions to other students / subject matter expert / facilitators / professionals; participate in community discussions; access CAP Foundation news feeds, view information related to CAP Foundation Community; download materials, participate in all available activity in CAP Foundation Community portal.

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ESTI Stands for?


Shailesh Raju Pagare from Ghatkopar Pantnagar, Mumbai

I am interested in Retail Marketing and The way of e-learning is really interesting and I am eager towards this course.